Conference Center | Leisure Lodge Beach & Golf Resort

Dr. Meister Conference Hall – This is a large complex facility that was built in 2012 in memory of the founder and owner, a visionary and perfectionist. It measures 576 sqm with capacity of 500 pax classroom style and 700 pax theatre style.

Kileleni Conference Center – Built-in 2012, Kileleni Conference Centre features 5 Conference Rooms that include a drive through Porte Cochere, the reception, lounge and open courtyard.

Other conference rooms:

Kongamano – This measures 100 m sq, with 500 pax capacity theatre style.

Jumuika – This measures 200 m sq with 100 pax capacity theatre style.

Kikaoni – This measures 150 m sq with 150 pax capacity theatre style.

Maskani – It measures 75 m sq with 150 pax capacity theatre style and Yumbe VIP Lounge measuring 45m sq with 150 pax capacity theatre style.

Peponi – The first ever conference room measuring 134 sqm.

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