A Unique Destination at the Heart of Diani

Leisure Lodge Beach and Golf Resort is located off the coast of Diani. Apart from the white sandy beach and timeless rooms with amazing views of the Indian Ocean, the resort boasts an expansive golf course where you can challenge your golf skills.

We have different types of rooms and restaurants that are specifically tailored to meet your needs, be they continental cuisine, fresh sea food, savoury snacks, tropical cocktails or local & international beers. On hot sunny afternoons, you can cool off at any of our swimming pools; Bahari swimming pool, Maweni children’s pool, Pango swimming pool, Bustani & Baobab swimming pools or the private Oasis Villa cluster swimming pools.

The resort also has big, beautiful garden with indigenous flowers and a well-manicured bush, perfect for breathing in the green and clean fresh air. Bring out friends, family & cameras and make the most of your time at Leisure Lodge Beach & Golf Resort!

areial view of leisure lodge resort