Experience a grand wedding with Leisure Lodge Mombasa

When it comes to wedding, it is one of the most auspicious days of your life and each couple want to make the wedding day as the most remarkable day of their lives with so many sweet, mesmerising memories. If you want to organize your perfect wedding in Kenya, Leisure Lodge Beach and resort is a place you can look forward to. We have successfully organized grand and lavish weddings in our premises and we specialise in arranging best, eye-pleasing wedding themes for our beloved clients.

The wedding location plays a huge role in the overall wedding feeling and what is better than Kenya, a dream wedding destination for aspiring couples.

Our resort is located at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world called Diani beach in Kenya and organising wedding here would be the best decision of your life. Those long palm trees, gentle breezes of the beautiful Blue Ocean and serene and peaceful environment will take your breath away.

We keep a sharp eye on details to make sure that everything falls in the place and you can enjoy your best day without any hindrances and hassles.

Do you want to make your wedding day a most special one?

Then choose none other than Leisure Lodge Beach and resort as your wedding venue and we will ensure that you witness one of the best wedding times of your life. From decoration themes to catering to guest accommodation to music to cocktails and drinks, we at Leisure Lodge resort, will come up with a wide range of options to choose from.

We have a team of wedding planners and experts who have years of experience and expertise in wedding planning and they will ensure that everything goes smoothly just like a smooth sailing. We have various decoration themes from simple to romantic ones. You can choose according to your preferences and choices. Also, when it comes to cuisines for lunch or a wedding dinner, we have a wide range of world-class cuisines to choose from. What else you want?

For your wedding ceremony, we will hire everyone including priest from a local church to a professional photographer who will catch those beautiful romantic memories when you are taking those sacred vows with your loved one.

A wedding is one of the most important occasions in one’s life, making it a very special day! Your dream wedding could take place at our beach, where the tall palm trees, gentle breezes and a beautiful blue ocean will provide a perfect mood and background.

Please contact sales for more details.

You will experience a truly mesmerising wedding experience with us and that too at the best price in the market. All you need to do is to contact us and discuss your requirements with our wedding planners. If you have any tailor-made requirements, we can fulfil them too. You can be as transparent as you can be to make the wedding day special and we will leave no stones unturned to ensure that your heart touches to the clouds.

Just call us at Leisure Lodge in Mombasa and let us help you to make your wedding day the most beautiful and wonderful day of your life.